Psychedelic-assisted therapy with proven results.

Mental healthcare from expert licensed providers combined with pyschedelic medicine, in-person or online, for healing.

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Clinically proven to help people see change, faster.

Peer-reviewed studies show that the combination of psychotherapy when used with psychedelics can be more effective and have longer lasting effects than just psychotherapy alone. Eve can help you get there.


32 Million People in the United States have tried psychedelic medicine at some point in their lives


65% of patients prescribed antidepressants do not respond to treatment


1:1 support from licensed psychotherapists and integration coaches has proven key to successful change

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Eve Health Systems has been a life changing experience. I was in such a dark place, and with the assistance of Eve, I have been able to match with the ideal clinician, who has provided me with therapy and medication, that has finally brought me the peace of mind I’ve been seeking for so long.

– Angelica V

Thank you Eve for your amazing platform. It really has been a business in a box for me. It has allowed me to focus entirely on my clients mental health, while Eve does all the administrative heavy lifting. They even help track my patients progress, which has been critical in reaching goals with my patients.

– Bryan R

“With the combination of the medicine and the therapy I’m changing every day. I feel like there’s always something I’ve gotten out of each session.”

– B. Richards

Helping you become the best you.

- eve health

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Your privacy and data protection are of utmost importance to us. We endeavor to keep your data safe and will never sell your personal information. You may opt out of eve at any time, at which point we will immediately remove your personal healthcare information from our systems.

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